FUN MEET   ~   Saturday   ~    December 5th   ~    2pm-4pm   ~   LSUS

The Swim School Swim Team is a team that was started with just 12 swimmers eight years ago.  It has grown to over 100 swimmers.  Our swim team concentrates on building relationships with teammates, sportsmanship, leadership skills and goal setting.  We are not your average swim team.  Swimmers receive personal attention from each coach to help correct technique and learn new strokes.

Our team practices on Saturdays, February through June from 12pm-2pm at Southside Swim Club.  We compete in the month of June, only, on Wednesdays.  These meets are usually held at country clubs throughout the city.  The meets begin around 8am and can last until 2pm or later, depending on the host team.

Last season, we changed our practices to split up the age groups.  While one group swims, the other group does dry land exercises.  Dry land exercises are an essential part of swimming.  This helps to build core strength and endurance.  Mr. Ricco, who holds a degree in Community Health, runs the dry land practices to make sure the swimmers are doing to exercises correctly and they safe.

To introduce our team to you, we would like to invite you to attend our Fun Meet.  This meet is held at LSUS on December 5 from 2pm-4pm.  It is a chance for prospective swimmers to see how a swim meet works as well as the opportunity to try out for our swim team.  Each swimmer is only required to swim the minimum distance for their age group.  Ages eight and under will swim 25 meters and swimmers who are nine and up will swim 50 meters.  We will have additional try outs in January.

You have until December 4th to sign up.  Please give our office a call to sign your swimmer up!  The cost is $10 per swimmer.  222-7946