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Our travels from the Egypt to Australia, with many stops in between, have taught us a great deal about travel, by air and by ship.  As scuba diving educators and swim, snorkel, scuba & travel professionals we have trained thousands of people and led hundreds of group trips.   

 WHAT ABOUT SEA SICKNESS ? You may say, “I have been on cruises and not gotten sea sick.”  Well, you may be one of the lucky ones. Were the seas rough, or did you have the experience of calm seas. It can make a huge difference in how you feel.

I’m not a doctor so this is not a recommendation. This only my testimonial. I am very prone to motion sickness. The simple act of placing a small patch, about the size of a dime, behind one ear and I’m assured of not having a trip ruined by getting seasick. As sport scuba diving educators we lead groups and cannot be down due to sickness that can be prevented.  We don’t put the patch on unless the sea gets rough and we start to feel queasy.

I order from for a discounted price. A prescription from your family physician is required.


By Paul Oberle                      9/5/2017

Not being a doctor, I do not make recommendations, however I will give you my personal testimonial as follows:

CAUSE – Our ears provide the perfect environment for all that is needed for an ear infection to occur (i.e. – dark, moist, warm, some remaining water that may contain bacteria).  A person is unlikely to get an ear infection from a PROPERLY maintained pool.

PREVENTION – I keep a small bottle of a 50/50 mixture of alcohol and vinegar in my mask box which reminds me to put a few drops in each ear after every dive.  For pools and boat dives, keep the same mixture in a plastic ketchup/mustard type bottle on your boat and pool deck.

TREATMENT – When I start feeling discomfort in my ear, using a Q-tip and any topical antibiotic (Bacitracin, Neosporin, etc), I swab the external ear canal, being careful not to touch the ear drum (tympanic membrane).  Continue this 2-3 times daily until there is no discomfort, and a few days thereafter.

W A R N I N G !

Mexican authorities swept through 31 resorts, restaurants and nightclubs in Cancun and Playa del Carmen in recent days, suspending operations at two for unsanitary alcohol and in the process discovered a sketchy manufacturer that was supplying tourist hot spots.

Regulators seized 10,000 gallons of illicit alcohol from the company, noting its “bad manufacturing practices,” according to government officials. They did not release the company’s name.

Among those suspended: the lobby bar in the Iberostar Paraiso Maya, a resort in the complex where Abbey Conner, a 20-year-old Wisconsin woman, drowned amid suspicious circumstances while on vacation with her family in January.

                               Adventure Sports Associationf ASA   ~   Details soon

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               THE WHALE SHARK –                   Eats tiny marine life

The whale shark is the largest fish in the sea, up to 30 – 40 feet long.   I can book you on an all inclusive air and land package including a snorkel swim with the whale sharks.  This is a very safe swim and the minimum age to participate is eight.  All must wear a safety vest during the activity.

 whale shark     All of our 4-day adventure cruises include headquarters at Casa Del Mar while on the island of Cozumel.  

Just along for the trip?  Families welcome!  $50 per person

Relax and enjoy the day. Rent a car and tour the island.