All Ages

We teach everyone from 2 months old to adults !

Special Needs

We offer private and group classes for our Special Needs students.

Heated Pools

With three heated indoor pools we can teach all year round!

Pool Parties

Host swimming parties all year round thanks to our heated pools!




THE Swim School

For more than 10 years The Swim School has been teaching all ages of the Shreveport and Bossier communities how to swim and enjoy aquatics activities in a safe and controlled environment.

Our three comfortably heated indoor pools provide ample room and a relaxed environment for both learning and fun.

We even offer special group and individual lessons for students with specials needs!

Sponsor Lessons for a child in need today!

Early this summer Shreveport’s SPAR facilities determined that they were not going to open for the summer. Without these facilities close to 1800 children were left without the free swim instruction provided by the city. The Swim School decided that this was the time to step up in support of those children that do not have the means to afford private swim lessons. We opened our sponsorship program to make sure these children were not left without the opportunity to learn to swim.

Over this summer nearly 70 children were sponsored through our program and will be completing their swimming instruction at The Swim School on August 29th with a 100% success rate. The sponsorship program was so successful that we would like to extend this program and make it a year-round opportunity.

Our year round sponsorship program is now offering sponsorships for a $100 donation that is matched by The Swim School to cover the costs of a child’s lessons for two months.

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