Special Needs

Selecting the appropriate class for your swimmer is based on many factors including age, ability, temperament, group dynamics, and teacher/class availability. 

At The Swim School everyone is welcome.

We are fortunate to have teachers with the gift and patience of teaching those with special needs.

Our teachers are certified and insured by Swim Schools International and follow the award winning Gold Script© lesson plans when teaching classes.

More Lessons

Baby Swim

Our baby aquatic programs provide a bonding opportunity for parent and child in a warm, quiet and secure aquatic environment.

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Learn to Swim

Our Learn to Swim courses are designed in tiers focused on building strong swimming practices for every child’s experience and ability level.

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Level 2 Swimmers

Our intermediate and advanced Swimmer courses are designed to teach swimmers more breathing and competitive swimming techniques.

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Adult Swim

Our Adult Swim lessons are offered as group or private lessons and perfect for adults of any skill level from beginning non-swimmers to advanced.