Adults who cannot swim, for what ever reason,

this is the class for you!

Adult Beginner (click for video)

“The Swim School is by far the best institution for students of any age to learn to swim. Watching my daughter develop her skills inspired my husband and I to take lessons well. Now our entire family has learned to swim and we know that it is fundamental to learn a new life skill. Thanks to EXTRA patient instructors, we will enjoy swimming this summer as a family, and no longer sit on the sidelines.” Marshall Family


Swim lessons are held once a week in the evening for one hour. When you begin your swim lessons you are in water so shallow (4 feet) you can stand up if you so choose. We provide and fit you with a FREE safety vest. Additionally, we provide a FREE snorkel mask, and fins.  Using a fully inflated safety vest means you cannot sink, like training wheels on a bicycle. Next, with the confidence that you cannot sink. We will teach you to use your arms and legs for propulsion. We want you to focus on your arm and leg movements prior to mastering breathing. As you progress at your own pace, you will soon be able to start releasing some of the air from the safety vest. In time, at your own pace, you will begin swimming independently of the equipment.

COSTS: Registration Fee: $25.  Each one hour lesson is $25.  When you enroll you will pay for the month in which you begin (prorated) and all of the following month. The maximum you might owe at registration is $250. At the end of the following month you will be charged $25 per lesson for the next month.  Tuition is due by the first of each month.  You may withdraw anytime after the completion of your initial payment.  A written notice of withdrawal is required.   No contracts at TSS!

When you select your class be sure you have the time to learn to swim. No refunds or credits will be issued. You may make-up a class on Thursday, 7:30 – 8:30 pm (Shreveport school ONLY)   


A. Read this entire page.

B.  Click on the registration link and complete the registration form (click here).  

C. Then call Felicia, our Shreveport facility Manager (gatekeeper) to enroll in a class. (318) 222-7946


This program is designed for adults who can swim the length of the pool, but want to become better swimmers. In this level swimmers are introduced to all four competitive swim strokes and flip turns.

One-On-One classes are scheduled at

The Swim School of Shreveport or Bossier to suit your needs.

$60 per hour.   Minimum 8 lessons. ($25 registration fee)

Two-On-One  ~   $50 per hour.  Minimum 8 lessons.

Our Pool Or Yours ~ Any Pool Any Where

Would you prefer to learn in your own pool?   We will provide a certified and insured The Swim School instructor.  Call Mr. Paul for details, 318-347-7014.