Pool Parties

Looking for a fun alternative for your child’s next birthday party? The Swim School is the place for you! We hold swimming birthday parties year round. That’s right, you can have a swimming party in the coldest of weather because our pool stays 90 to 93 degrees year round!

The Fun starts as soon as you arrive. After a brief orientation from our Party Leader about pool safety, the children jump in and swim. Guests enjoy independent play and swim as well an organized rope swing over the deep end of the pool. After water activities, guests are shown into the party room, where our staff has set up all the amenities for cake and punch. You can sit back and relax while we take care of everything. If you decide to open presents here at TSS, we will even record who gave what so that mailing thank you cards is a snap.

Book Early!       Our party avaialbility fills up fast so please try to book your party at least two months in advance.

Description Swim Party


Swim Party


Number of Participants

Up to 10 Additional Participants (Excludes Adults)  3 day advance notice required

$10 each
Pool Toys
View Port (Bring your camera for some neat underwater photos!)
Use of Indoor Heated Pool (93º)
Birthday Gift (for the honoree)
(A Swim School drawstring backpack and “I Swim” Yard Sign)
Maps to The Swim School
Tables, chairs, tablecloth, plates, forks, napkins & decorations
Drinks (Tropical Punch) and cups
 Birthday Cake (sheet or cupcake combo)
Dressing Rooms
Showers, Shampoo/Conditioner
Pool Guard
Assistance with Setup
We Do The Cleanup!

**Deposit is non-refundable and non-transferable.

“I loved everything about my child’s party from the decorations, to the staff, to the cake. Everything was decorated so nicely. The staff was very helpful. They played with the kids in the pool and assisted with everything I needed. I think that I got more than my money’s worth. I so appreciated everyone for making my daughter’s birthday a success. I would highly recommend having your party here.”        – N. Adams

“This was such a fun party. I am a party planner and I could not have planned more fun for the kids. The adults had just as much fun as the kids. Everything was so organized and child friendly. I was so impressed. Thanks for your hard work.”
– Natalie Williamson

“My daughter always wanted a swimming party but her birthday falls in April. Then I heard about The Swim School, problem solved. This had to be the best birthday party EVER! I even had fun. As a parent, I would recommend The Swim School for any party in the future. Thanks for everything, including setting up everything. That was the best thing – all I had to do was show up. Thanks!!!”      – Tracy Millican,

“This was a very exciting adventure for my daughter, Chelsea. Most of her guests were not aware that The Swim School even existed, but after attending the party, most of them were planning their parties for the next year. The hosts and the atmosphere were most enjoyable for me. NO other parties I have ever had actually allowed parents to sit back and enjoy while the party host managed successfully!! Swim School, you were THE BEST!”      – Chena W. Johnson

“We were planning a pool party at home, then we saw the La Parenting Magazine cover with The Swim School. I showed the article to Jarred and he said it sounded better than our pool party. I called and scheduled the BEST birthday party ever!! Everyone had a wonderful time. After we left, Jarred and his sister Kaylee said they wanted to take swimming lessons there. We start swimming this Saturday.

“We have booked parties at various places around town in the past and you guys provided the BEST service by far! We did not have to worry about anything! We could just sit back and enjoy our son’s big day :) Thank you for everything! BTW, Justin, YOU ROCK! You did a fabulous job with the kids. The adults even enjoyed your entertainment!”    Lamb Family

Party schedule: 15 minutes prior to party, arrival & assistance with set-up; 1 1/4 hour Swim/SCUBA; 45 minutes prior to party’s end, all out for cake, snacks, gifts, etc. Assistance with breakdown provided. Adults do not count as participants. Children under 6 must be accompanied by an adult.

** Children under 3 years old MUST wear reusable swim pants (available for sale in The Swim School pro shop) while in the pool.

No confetti, piñatas, or silly string.