Special Needs Swimmers

We are committed to offering swim lessons to students with special needs, and have offered these services for over 10 years. We are not therapists, but we do have team members who are blessed with an intuitive nature for teaching those with special needs. Some of our teachers hold certifications in Special Olympics coaching and Adaptive Aquatics. We offer the opportunity to enjoy the excitement of the water, the freedom it allows to children who have difficulty with motion or expression, and the possibility of learning water swim and safety skills.

There are private and group options as determined by our teaching staff. We will be honored to work with your child.

My granddaughter and I LOVE The Swim School! A “special needs” child, many of her issues have been addressed through patience, caring, and love of the teachers. She has overcome some of her battles and improved on others. Her self-confidence has grown. She is better able to focus, listen, and follow 2 and 3 step directions. Motor skills and coordination are much better. through review, repetition, and consistency her memory recall and communication skills have greatly increased. Her teachers at her school are very pleased with her progress and encourage her continued attendance. She looks forward to her visi to the Swim School.”
– Jones/Henderson Family 11/12