Scuba Rangers                         Temporarily discontinued

Scuba for children ages 8 – 10 years of age.

Check in at our local club on Facebook – Scuba Ranger Club #1.

How to Become a Scuba Ranger

Contact Mr. Paul, The Father of Scuba Rangers, for all info about basic Scuba Ranger Camps and Ranger Specialties.                                318-347-7014   OR

2017 Scuba Ranger Course Schedule

To Be Announced

The Scuba Ranger Club is all about fun and learning with other active Scuba Rangers. While no two Clubs are the same, most are organized groups who get together to have fun diving, learn more about scuba, and participate in other fun activities.

Many Clubs are located in places similar to our town, but many are on exotic islands. Check out Cobalt Coast, a Ranger friendly resort. This means there may be a Scuba Ranger Club where your family goes on vacation.  We offer family travel opportunities.  Previous Scuba Ranger trips include Lake Ouachita aboard Scuba Ventures dive boat the Lake Ouahita Explorer, Cozumel, and Florida Manatees.  Future trips will be announced well in advance on our Facebook page Scuba Ranger Club #1.

* With Scuba Rangers, you can scuba dive in a pool or confined water like a pool with real diving equipment, play games underwater, and other fun stuff!
* You’re part of a special, elite group – scuba divers!
* You accomplish things that will amaze grownups – and yourself.
* You develop good sense around the water, and increase awareness of water safety.
* You build confidence, self-esteem and pride.
* Unlike many other sports, scuba diving can be enjoyed for a lifetime.

Check out Scuba Rangers International website. It is an international program, developed right here on Texas Avenue by Paul Oberle, The Father of Scuba Rangers.